Amerikick Martial Arts Provides Martial Arts Classes in Brooklyn for the Whole Family

Amerikick Martial Arts

Amerikick Martial Arts is renowned for martial arts classes in Brooklyn for preschool, kids, teens, and adults. You will find a number of fun-filled classes including: Preschool martial arts classesKids martial arts classesKids Muay Thai KickboxingMuay Thai Kickboxing in BrooklynE-Learning Center Amerikick Martial Arts mixes a great blend of fitness, discipline and self defense into […]


Adult Muay Thai

Hi everyone.  Your favorite Sensei here.​I have heard these preconceived ideas​about kickboxing many times:“Kickboxing is too aggressive”​​   “I don’t want to get hurt”​​​   “I’m too out of shape to do kickboxing.”Who is kickboxing for?​   Seasoned athletes looking for more;​​   Someone bored with gyms;​   Even those who swim, body build orDo some other form of martial arts.​Classes are designed […]