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Fearing to Succeed

Why does “fear” and “success” seem
​To go hand in hand?

People are stagnated in life due to fear
​Of stepping out.

Is it a fear of FAILURE or a fear of SUCCESS?

There was a time when girls were groomed
​to be housewives and stay at home moms.

​Boys were instilled with working hard and
​Supporting your family. If you can’t get do that,
​You’re a failure!

Oh how times have changed.

I don’t know what your folks told you
​But my mom asked what I wanted to be.

Now, kids are deciding, even against
parental wishes, what they want to do
With their adult lives.

No matter what your family dynamics,

the decision is ultimately yours to make.

One can step out and possibly SUCCEED.

OR stay stagnated and fail for certain. Decide!

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