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Your Kids are what You Feed Them

Your Child’s Health and Fitness is your RESPONSIBILITY!

Fitness and Health go hand in hand.

What is your child consuming on a daily basis?

Does your child’s diet consist of sodas and juices; candy and chips?

 Think of all the things added to sodas, cakes and ice cream.

Then think of what these things are probably doing to your child’s body at such a young age;

the aches, swelling, bloating, constipation and, for many, acne/eczema.

Childhood diabetes, cancer and so many other ailments are plaguing our young society.

It’s time to make changes. I am not saying to totally cut out but cut back.

Make eating exciting, enjoyable and a family contribution. Let them help to

not only decide but prepare meals.

Watch the fitness and stamina increase in your child, along with good health.

Amerikick’s Kids Karate or Kids Thai Boxing classes are great ways to start those changes

Toward good health.

Call to register for a FREE TRIAL CLASS or click the link below:

Sensei Alex

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