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Health & Fitness is Our Responsibility

Health and Fitness your RESPONSIBILITY!

Fitness and Health go hand in hand.

What are you consuming on a day to day basis?

Someone once told me that I should NOT

eat too much fruit because of the high sugar content.

Well I’m no doctor but, our bodies were designed

to consume fresh fruits and veggies; not sugars from

sodas and cakes or even white sugar;

it is my belief that once our bodies are contaminated

with these artificial sweeteners and drinks,

other than water, we then open ourselves for the

“good” stuff to then be not so “good” for us.

Think of all the things added to sodas, cakes and

even the absolutely delicious butter pecan ice cream.

Then think of what these things are probably doing

to your body; the aches, swelling, bloating, constipation

and, for many, acne/eczema. Make a change.

I am not saying to totally cut out but cut back

little by little and watch the fitness and stamina

increase along with good health.

As you adjust your eating, adjust your workout.

Our Muay Thai Kickboxing Program is a great place

to start. Imagine increased metabolism in conjunction

with our awesome kickboxing workout.

Results can be phenomenal!

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Or call…718-768-8200.

Health and Fitness is NOT an option; it is your RESPONSIBILITY

 …to your body, your health, your family, your LIFE!

Here’s to healthy living! Keep moving my friends.

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