Smart Ways to Make (and Save) Money on Your Wellness Journey

  Most of us have three main priorities, being happy, being healthy, and being financially fit. Fortunately, the three of those can easily go hand-in-hand. Not only is living a healthy lifestyle often less expensive than you might think, you might even be able to capitalize on the knowledge and expertise you pick up throughout […]

Self-Care Activities That Equip Children to Tackle the Pressures of Daily Life

  When raising kids, caring for their basic needs is no longer enough. Today’s world is very different from the world we grew up in, and young children are increasingly feeling overwhelmed by the pressures and expectations of the new era. One of the best gifts you can give your child is the awareness and ability to prioritize self-care. By helping your young […]

Cost-Effective Ways to Invest in Your Martial Arts Practice from Home

Photo by Nicole De Khors via Burst Cost-Effective Ways to Invest in Your Martial Arts Practice from Home If you practice martial arts, you can enhance that practice by making some changes at home. While taking classes in person and experiencing the camaraderie and accountability that comes from practicing with others is irreplaceable, you can […]

Know Your Child’s Personality Based on BIRTH MONTH.

Is your child a natural leader? Born to stand out? Birth month might be key to your child’s personality. JANUARY – People born in January are born to be leaders. They will crave independence very early on, so get used to hearing the words ‘I will do’ often. They also love attention and will expect you to applaud every time she achieves […]

Why You Should Celebrate Your Child’s Birthday…

For some parents, throwing a birthday party for a child can be a stressful task. For others , the idea of planning a party is overwhelming. For others, the cost of throwing a birthday party might be an issue. We understand the challenges that can come when it’s time for another birthday — but don’t underestimate […]

TIPS for an AMAZING Birthday Party!

Make your child’s birthday party one to remember with these awesome ideas! Choose a CREATIVE THEME. A clever party theme will make your child and guests escape to another world. You can choose either their favorite character, hobby, activity or you can even think outside the box like Nerf Wars, Star Wars or Karate themed […]